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VSC Kicks Off August Shortbread Challenge, Promises 10% to Charity


Huntington, VT August 1, 2006--

The slowest month in the gourmet gift sales calendar is now a food entrepreneur's vision realized. Ann Zuccardy of Vermont Shortbread Company announces the official launch of her August Shortbread Challenge, a summertime promotion designed to turn the gourmet gift market on its head while generating funds for charity.

In July 2005, IBM Tech-writer-turned-shortbreadpreneur Zuccardy was experiencing her own shortbread challenge: two demanding jobs, a new home ravaged by floodwaters; a brand-new marriage, and a business in flux due to the absence of a commercial bakery. But where other company owners might buckle under the pressure, Zuccardy took matters into her own hands. In the midst of personal chaos, she announced the August Shortbread Challenge - a goal of 100 shortbread gift box sales in the month of August, thereby penning the happy ending to her own shortbread story.

"I am testing my new theory that putting intentions out into the universe and publicly proclaiming them helps them materialize, and asking for help are good things," declared Zuccardy to her audience of hungry blog readers on "I decided to donate 10% of my revenue from this challenge to a worthy cause if I reach this goal."

Sure as shortbread, the orders came pouring in, and Zuccardy had sealed her own fate faster than Vermont Shortbread Company seals up freshly-baked shortbread rounds to ship off to their list of customers each week. When Hurricane Katrina hit home for this former New Orleans inner city school teacher, Zuccardy knew exactly where that ten percent would go.

2006 has brought blessing for the little shortbread company that could, and Ann's gourmet gift business continues to thrive with the addition of a commercial oven and bakery, the launch of offering the convenience of online orders, and the acquisition of a professional baking assistant to pitch in with shortbread production for an ever-expanding customer base.

This year, Zuccardy's August Shortbread Challenge is up to 300 shortbread boxes, a goal that seems conceivable given the growth spurt that Vermont Shortbread Company has recently experienced. Just as she did last year, Zuccardy will publish a list of shortbread customers who help bring her vision to life.

Shortbread fans who would like to see a portion of their purchase go to a worthy cause may visit for more information and to place an order.

To read more about Ann Zuccardy's August Shortbread Challenge, click:


Contact: Ann Zuccardy, Vermont Shortbread Company

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