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Vermont Shortbread Company Brings a Taste of Homemade Goodness to Your Doorstep.

Gently lift the lid of a box of Vermont Shortbread, and let the heavenly aroma of home baked goodness transport you to a simpler time and place. Nestled into the picturesque mountainside of Huntington, Vermont lies the cozy kitchen of Ann Zuccardy's Vermont Shortbread Company... where we use only the finest, freshest natural ingredients in every lovingly crafted round of what many consider to be the best shortbread on the planet.

Owner Ann Zuccardy perfected her signature shortbread by altering the traditional Scottish shortbread recipe to produce a slightly moister version of this age-old favorite. The result: one-of-a-kind, melt-in-your-mouth Vermont Shortbread that hints of old-world authenticity even as it pleases the American soft-cookie-loving palate. Surrender to the ecstacy that is Vermont Shortbread... crumbles of cookie goodness bursting with creamery butter that will more than satisfy your yen for "a little something" with your afternoon tea.

Good Things Come in the Vermont Shortbread Company Package.

Let us mail a taste of Vermont country goodness to your home or office. Vermont Shortbread Company will hand-wrap your made-to-order shortbread round in protective cellophane, swathe it in pretty gingham paper and tuck it neatly into a green gift box that features the famous Vermont Shortbread Company insignia. In just a few days of placing your order, your personal shortbread parcel will arrive at your doorstep, fresh and ready to eat! Why not send some homemade shortbread to yourself or a friend today?


We Ship Anywhere in the Continental United States! Click here to order.

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