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Vermont Shortbread Featured Customer:
Hallie Crawford and Lori Davis


Good morning!

This request for a gift certificate is for a lady named Megan Brown of

Several months ago, Megan approached my client Hallie Crawford to submit career-related articles to the MetroAtlantaJobs website. Megan has given us an amazing level of customer care, and all at no charge to Hallie. Towards the end of last year, I sent Megan a batch of seven articles to upload to their site. Within 36 hours of receipt of these articles, she had applied HTML coding, uploaded Hallie's photo and bio, and setup various e-mail and other hyperlinks for all of the articles.

In addition, several weeks later we asked Megan to add a few additional words to each article, which she did. Again, all of this was done at no charge to Hallie! Since you're in the "gratitude business," I thought you'd appreciate a little background to the story ... ;-)

I'd like to request a gift certificate be delivered to Megan via e-mail. Please include the following message:

Subject line of e-mail: Hallie Crawford has sent you a Gift


Dear Megan,

Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of Authentically Speaking. We appreciate your time and attention to detail while you were working on submitting Hallie's articles to the MetroAtlantaJobs website, and all of the support you've provided. Please accept this Vermont Shortbread Gift Certificate as a gesture of thanks and gratitude, from us to you.


Hallie Crawford
Lori Davis
Authentically Speaking

shortbread plateThanks for Being Our Customer... Baking For You is Always a Treat!


Looking for a personal gift that's... well, personal but not too personal? Food is the way to your every client's heart. Always fresh, always delicious-- our shortbread is packaged simply and elegantly to reflect understated, old-world New England charm.

How many ways can you think of to "say it with shortbread?" Whether it's landing that new account, completing that project, ushering in the holidays or simply saying "Thank you for your business..." there's no better (or more delicious!) gift than Ann's famous Vermont Shortbread, baked to order and shipped on time every time.


We Ship Anywhere in the Continental United States! Click here to order.

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