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Shortbread: One of Life's Greatest Sensual Pleasures

by Ann Zuccardy

Tasting, experiencing and writing about new food and drink is not just my livelihood. To me, it’s in the top five of life’s greatest pleasures... to be enjoyed slowly, purposefully, with all of the senses.

Next time you treat yourself to something as divine as home-baked shortbread, why not try this:

1. Find a softly lit, secluded spot where you can be alone with just the shortbread. Take a moment to breathe deeply and engage all five of your senses.

2. Gently lift the parcel of buttery goodness. Peel the protective wrap away, and behold the golden confection... ahh, shortbread. Simple. Elegant. Perfect.

3. Close your eyes, and lean in. Deeply inhale the gentle sweetness... the aroma of creamery butter... the unmistakable whiff of homemade freshness that delights your appreciative nose. With the tip of your finger, slowly and deliberately trace the baked-in heart and flower motif. Observe the way the pattern feels against your skin. Imagine how the same texture will soon be received by your hungry mouth.shortbread

4. Break off a small wedge of the shortbread. Lift the bite ever so slowly to your lips, and prepare to welcome the thin layer of sweet raspberry jam, sandwiched between layers of moist, buttery, decadent cookie. Smile in knowing anticipation of what's to come.

5. Again, close your eyes, fully engaging all of your senses. Take a deep breath for one last pregnant pause... then deliver the shortbread cookie to its rightful home... your eager mouth! Inevitably, time will seem to stop as the shortbread melts upon your tongue, spreading its luxurious flavor. You may find that an involuntary groan slips from your gratified lips.

6. Resist the urge to gnaw off inappropriately large slabs of this sinful treat and gobble them with reckless abandon. Instead, repeat steps one through five, savoring every precious second of the shortbread sensory experience.

In all likelihood, your shortbread session will be truly satisfying.

Copyright 2006 Ann Zuccardy. All rights reserved. This article edited by Copywriting and Marketing Services.


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